Shirataki Sake featured in Eduardo Dingler's Wine to Sake - Shirataki Sake
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Shirataki Sake featured in Eduardo Dingler’s Wine to Sake

Napa Valley Register writer Eduardo Dingler recently reviewed Shirataki’s Nama in his column Wine to Sake:

“Shirataki Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Junmai Ginjo Nama, Niigata ($21 300ml) is nothing short of fantastic. A fruity and mouth coating sensation of joy takes over at first glance followed by an array of star anise, clove and citrus peel that triggers 4th of July fireworks in my memory. Ideal to compliment an Italian dinner night with the family.” — Eduardo Dingler

Read the entire “Wine to Sake: Namzake and Namazume” article in the Napa Valley Register here.