Jozen Pink - Shirataki Sake
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Available sizes: 300ml, 720ml and 1800 ml

Jozen Pink

Shirataki Pure Rice Sake
Junmai Ginjo “Matured”

This sake has matured in the tank for two years at low temperature. It is the “older sister” of the Jozen White.

The aroma is a mix of mineral tones and fruit. The first sip is like water rushing over rocks. There are subtle swirls of peach, nectarine and juicy cherry that melt into a delicate rice grain finish. The mineral undertones of the water join together the sweet with the savory, and the past with the present.

Best Served Chilled.

Rice polishing rate 55%
Alc 15.5%
Acidity 1.7
SMV +3 (Semi-dry)

Recommended pairings: Caesar salad, Cream pasta, Spicy tuna roll

Shirataki Jozen Sake is available in the United States!