Jozen Indigo - Shirataki Sake
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Available sizes: 300ml, 720ml and 1800ml

Jozen Indigo

Shirataki Pure Rice Sake
Junmai Daiginjo

Powerful and dignified showing Jozen’s integrity and sincerity.

We make this Junmai Daiginjo sake with floral notes of cantaloupe and nectarine.

Indigo offers balanced grain sweetness and a velvet like texture with a light breeze of umami. Quiet fruity elements nestled in different layers create a complex landscape of flavor. Our pristine spring water nourishes these elements and tells our story one sip at a time.

Best served chilled.

Rice polishing rate 45%
Alc 15.5%
Acidity 1.5
SMV +2 (Semi-dry)

Recommended pairings: Shrimp cocktail, Avocado & sweet chili shrimp