Our favorite sake paired Thanksgiving recipes - Shirataki Sake
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Our favorite sake paired Thanksgiving recipes

Our favorite sake paired Thanksgiving recipes

What To Drink At Thanksgiving? Start Pouring Sake!

Sake’s versatility makes it the optimal beverage to pair with a meal that typically includes smoky, sweet, fatty, savory, creamy and starchy flavors. “I’m confident that as people become more educated on the sake category, start to experience it outside of traditional Japanese pairings and experiment with other kinds of cuisines, they’ll learn that it pairs just as well, if not better, than any other wine…” Learn More here.

Which Jozen sake pairs best with Turkey?

We suggest our Jozen Noujun Uonuma Junmai. Noujun is made with rice lightly polished to 80% of its weight and aged for two years to create a rich savory taste that’s perfect for your Thanksgiving meal. This sake can be enjoyed chilled, but is best at room temperature or warmed to 104 degrees F.

Alc 16.5%
Acidity 2.1
SMV +2 (Semi-dry)

Another sake that pairs well with turkey is our Jozen White junmai ginjo, which is best served chilled. Both varieties of Jozen Sake are available for purchase online at True Sake.

Feeling adventurous this Thanksgiving?

Try one of these Asian-inspired recipes! From sweet-and-spicy sesame walnuts and sriracha-and-wasabi deviled eggs as appetizers to sticky-rice dressing and a soy-sauce-and-honey-glazed turkey you’re bound to find a new favorite dish.

See the full menu here.