Jozen Aqua featured in Chopsticks NY magazine! - Shirataki Sake
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Jozen Aqua featured in Chopsticks NY magazine!

Jozen Aqua featured in Chopsticks NY magazine!

Recently Shirataki Sake’s Jozen Aqua was featured in a special “Perfect Sakes for Summertime” in the Chopsticks NY magazine.

During the month of June, Shirataki will be in the special “Chopsticks NY Collaboration” section in two liquor stores in New York, Kuraichi (934 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY) and Landmark Wines & Spirits (167 W. 23rd St., New York, NY).

Jozen Aqua

A captivating color of clear blue water, this junmai sake is crafted and pristine mountain water. Although it’s dry, there are hints of sweet brown sugar, and its quick finish echoes with stone fruit like peach and apple. Best served chilled, pair it with savory appetizers like fried chicken, Buffalo wings, and chips with avocado dip. On hot summer nights, enjoy it on the rocks. With a fruity base and an acidic punch, it’s the perfect summer drink.

Jozen Summer Sake Cocktail

Having a party and want to impress your guests with sake cocktails? Try this fun sake cocktail!

Summer Sake Cocktail
Jozen Aqua
Grape Fruit Liqueur
Mint Syrup
Shake in a shaker with ice and decorate with mint

Check out our Jozen Sake Cocktail page for more recipes!